Paracord handle for water bottle to make your drinking bottle more convnient?


Going outdoor? Travel? Sports? You need a good water bottle!

Check our best insulated water bottle, doulbe wall stainless steel hydro water bottle, vacuum insulated.

paracord handle

And you may find sometime taking a bottle by hand is not that convenient? Why not attach it to your backpacks, book bags, sports bags, bicycles? Use our paracord handle, you can easily achieve that.

See the photo below installed with a paracord handle, then you know how it works.

water bottle

And as you see, this rope handle comes with several parts, so it is actually multifunctional, not only allowing it to be attached to bags or hung on handles.

stainless steel wter bottle

So it comes with a cord stopper to adjust the tightness degree, a safety ring to hole the bottle neck, the rope for easier taking or hanging, a buckle to attach to bags, a compass indicating direction, a whistle to make sound for rescuing, and a blade and flintstone to make a fire. Actually a simple but multifunctional tool for outdoor survival as well.

And it's quite easy to install the handle onto your water bottles. How? See the steps below.

paracord handle

Are you a drinkware reseller, water bottle distributor? Welcome to contact us! Make make your water bottles more attactive and let your customers become more willing to buy them, or just offer them an selectable practical insulated bottle accessory.

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